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DEBONAIR WEEKENDS: Mar 13-15, 2020

Mingling over Martinis is an upscale kick back hosted by Debonair Society. This monthly event was designed to give business professionals the perfect social scene to transition to the weekend. Come vibe with other fly, likeminded individuals, while enjoying music by DJ GS of Black Spadez Media and our Martini Bar powered by Hey Ms. Bartender. So if you are a social butterfly looking to make solid connections, single looking for potential suitors, celebrating a special occasion, or just looking for somewhere to play table games with your friends, then Mingling over Martinis is for you…

Tickets include access to bottomless Martinis (4 Recipes) and catered food bites.

Mingling over Mimosas is a brunch experience like none other. This event is your opportunity to dress up, enjoy great drinks, and vibe to music with likeminded individuals while enjoying the beautiful African American Museum of Dallas. Come out and enjoy our mimosas bar, catered brunch, and music by DJ GS of Black Spadez Media in the amazing atmosphere that only Debonair Society can create.

Brunch Menu-(Served at 1pm):


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