About us


Core Values
Culture, Community, Economic Empowerment

To help Debonair Society, its vendors, and supporters, to grow economically while assisting various cultures and communities

Mission Statement
To offer tailored experiences for diverse individuals, businesses, and organizations who are seeking passionate environments to engage with culturally enthusiastic populations.

Pierre Durant

Founder and CEO of Debonair Society Incorporated. As a proud native of Dayton, Ohio, Durant has successfully established his life and career in Dallas, Texas over the last seven years. While fully embracing his new city, it became Durant's personal mission to create a brand that would build a unique cultural identity for like-minded individuals.

Durant is no stranger to producing and organizing memorable events throughout the communities that he's resided in. As a chapter President (Polemarch) of Kappa Alpha Psi, Durant has successfully created meaningful experiences that provided attendees with a consistent environment that kept audiences coming back for more during his years at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. Pierre is confident that Debonair Society will offer individuals in Dallas various unified experiences that many have expressed a yearning for while living in the DFW Metroplex.


In 2016, Debonair Society was born to develop experiences that would offer:
(1) Cultivating events for socially driven individuals who are business minded, career-oriented, educated, entrepreneurially driven, fashion-forward, culturally savvy etc.,
(2) Philanthropic/serving opportunities in partnership with other impactful organizations serving to enhance urban areas in Dallas, and
(3) A platform/channel for diverse business owners who are wanting to promote and build their brand awareness to a tailored audience, as well as a resource for consumers who are seeking to invest in these niche businesses.

this man is all about the culture! he operates a sunday brunch every month to highlight local black businesses and raise awareness throughout his community. in this effort of supporting these business, he also purchases their clothing to support them. his daily staple piece of clothing, of any outfit, is a dope graphic tee. i consider pierre to be the clark kent of fashion because even as he wears his suits, or even his jeans and blazers, he always wears a graphic tee to support the culture.

-b. millage, the millage

i remember one of my first conversations with pierre about debonair society, and i was impressed with how intently he works to craft unique events that represent and consistently build the culture of young, black dallas. we often attend happy hours, mixers, or events that couple music and drinks – what pierre does with debonair society and mingling over mimosas is adding conversation into the mix. his brand supports a number of black businesses as well as connects young, black professionals in a great way.

-b.miller, the be great brand


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